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Overview of my platform to



Summerlyn Priorities: This large subdivision has two identical parks, but it's the only large community that doesn't have access to a splash pad and many ammenties. Young families have no access to a close by place to cool down and enjoy with the neighbourhood kids. I have ideas on how to make an accessible and affordable place for the community.

There are no facilities to play basketball, tennis or other sports like soccer & baseball in this massive residential area. Relying on parents to have to load up the cars and drive to a place to enjoy these activities is not what a modern sub-division and community should be lacking. 

Dreamfield's Priorities: There are unsafe paths that run along Line 8. This area cannot be connected safely to the other areas of Bradford. In addition we have ponds and wetlands that lack paths and lighting to make this area more safe and comfortable for proper to use.

With large green space that is under utilized - having additional uses opening up programs like basketball, soccer and other team sports as a place to play would utilize the community facilities and keep many of the families closer to where they live.

Other Priorities:
Bradford needs more opportunities for programs. Families go to register for swimming lessons and other programs offered - they are always full. We need more public spaces for youth to have employment and kids to have access to at an affordable rate.

Outdoor swimming pool. 
I don't see why a beautiful town can't have an outdoor pool. The costs to have and develop are inexpensive, and can provide community gathering and a great spot to spend summers and help with more programs that are always overbooked.

More Pads, More Gyms, More Teams.

For 4 years there has been ZERO opportunity for myself and many others to play men's adult hockey in Bradford due to lack of Ice availability and the non-inclusive culture that exists. We need to have more pads for kids, high school and adults. In addition more teams and more physical activities - so everyone stops leaving to play in neighbouring communities.



More & Affordable Rent and Retail Space
For Bradford is lacking space for small business to operate out of. We need to build more for office, commercial and commercial/industrial buildings. It's cheaper to go to Vaughan, Toronto, Newmarket and other communities to anchor a business compared to Bradford. In addition we need to attract MORE youth and young adult businesses to have a place for them to be entertained. 

The Types of Business we need matter!
We need to stop with the redundancy of weed shops, dentist offices and look for more businesses that are in demand from the community. We need indoor playgrounds, cafe and dinning options, more retail and other industrial complexes to house recreational facilities to help take on the demand.

The Types of Business we need matter!

Working remotely and from home is not going away -  but many businesses need a shared office space or affordable professional offices. I have the contacts, the developers and the ability to drive these initiatives in Ward 4 and throughout Bradford.



Families First!

If you are looking to buy your first home, downsize from another community or looking to have affordable place to put down roots - Bradford is one of the most attractive place to do that. However we need to support all aspects of the family life cycle:

1. Kids and our Youth: We need more activities, programs, daycare, summer jobs, things to do and places for them to safely socialize. If we don't grow these areas - we put our kids and youth at a disadvantage to other communities. 

2. Education: Our library and resources needs to increase funding to supplement our education system. I plan to work with trustees, school boards and the parents to have more programs, tutoring, STEM and other 3rd party business to help develop our youth to the best potential without breaking the bank.

3. The Right type of Development: Bradford is the largest growing area in Ontario and we cant run from it. I want to embrace the RIGHT GROWTH and help detail a plan to see not only the downtown core get the redevelopment it desperately needs, but to ensure  that with the Bradford Bypass - we have the infrastructure to support profitable and economical growth.

4. Taking care of our Seniors: We owe everything to the generations who built this community and country before us. There are development plans for more senior living centres - however we need to ensure they have a vibrant life outside and inside of these facilities. WE CANNOT GET RID OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, we need to connect them with retail and services. In addition more walking paths, mini parks and benches to have a safe resting place for them is paramount. We cannot  rely on large retail conglomerates to be their place of social gathering - we can do better.




1. Together we are one: Many of my points detailed in other categories all directly build community and present Ward 4 (and the rest of Bradford) with the right mindset to build the best community we can.

2. Free to be who we are: Bradford needs to build on its level of tolerance and acceptance for all contributing members of society. I applaud the previous actions to build a safe and inclusive community - but I would like to double down and take it to the next level.

3. Simplify Community Events: Bradford is not the sleepy framing community it once was. We have the ability to BRIDGE the heritage and values with modern ideals to create harmony between them. The process to have residential street parties, gathering permits to use parks, etc all needs to be streamlined to match other towns and cities. 

4. Public space and Events: The Town of BWG invested a significant amount of revenue on a portable stage that currently is not a revenue generator. I would like to see this as well as other town owned spaces used for events, festivals and other community building exercises. In my professional life, I'm a global leader on operations and return on asserts strategies. I plan to help be another voice in innovative, realistic and cost efficient projects to ensure we have the community we all want.

5. Community and Town Staff: We have high demands and needs for this community. We need the appropriate staffing resources to be able to execute for our community. We have grown so much and have a significant growth trajectory facing us. We need to have the enough resources and budget for high performing staff to deliver on our communities expectations to Love where we live.



1. Drive the local economy: Ward 4 and the rest of Bradford has gaps in retail, entertainment, restaurants and dining, youth activities and other needs. Attracting the right development and companies to invest here is critical. We have Yonge St, the 400 highway, and soon the Bradford Bypass. We need to plan NOW for the best options to anchor our streets and sub-divisions. But most important - we need to drive more local businesses.

2. Basic Economics and Planning work: If more people work here, then more people spend their money here versus out of town - we drive better:
• Small 
business revenue and profits
• Attract larger companies to design / build = More employment 
• More places for the youth and seniors to work

• More diverse businesses stay in business

3. Sell more of what we got: We have a vibrant framing community and I believe that a mini food terminal off the 400 for all the regions growers and produces would drive many diverse demographics to buy locals and support local. I have a great business plan for this that would be rolled out over the next few months.



1. Safety is where it all starts for me: For years I have been advocating for speed mitigations on Blue Dasher and in Summerlyn. The neighbourhood and sub-division was so frustrated and at the breaking point in spring 2022, I took it upon myself to do a petition to council for action in this sub-division. Since then SOME action is planned. I was not aware at the time that there even was an election. However after hundreds of homeowners in the area casually called me the "Ambassador of Blue Dasher / Summerlyn" for my strong and effective efforts - I was nominated to run for council for this ward.

2. My stance on Safety on the roads is Simple:

A. Speed Bumps, Speed Humps, Raised Intersections and Cross Walks WORK! These are not a solution to use in every situation but its a very cost effective solution to the issues.
B. Photo Radar, Electronic Measuring Tool and other Digital Plate Tech is also fantastic solutions. However the cost and locations cannot be widespread so I believe in a hybrid platform of many EFFECTIVE and IMMEDIATE solutions that make the streets safer today and in the future. 

3. Lights, Communication and Community
Tools that exist already to make our areas safer can easily be implemented and executed. I have some points that must be addressed and we are trying to implement them prior to the election and I could more effectively expand on them once elected:

A. Certified, Police record check BLOCK PARENT. We need to have safe houses where anyone who feels threatened can run too if in need. Whether it is a women out on a late walk, a teen bullied or attacked or a child who is lost or scared. This program is essential for a community of safety and security. I have more details that will be rolled out in the future.

B. Bike, scooter and fitness paths. If speeding and road safety is a problem that we all feel strongly about, one of my ideas is a large network of paths on the roads that have a few positives. Its low cost, its chokes the road - effectively reducing speeds, connects sub-divisions and downtown together and adds fitness to the community safely. I have a presentation detailing on how to do this the RIGHT way.


4. Emergency Services
We have a dangerous shortage of Fire and Police personnel to protect and look after our community. Our per capita ratio of emergency services must be addressed in Bradford. The proposal of shared resources with Innisfil is somewhat worrisome to me, as spreading resources thinner is not a solution and does not address the the staff shortages. I have plans to use existing tax based funds to pay for these shortages immediately and to make sure we are Safe Where We Live.

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