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Block Parent Program in Bradford

About 40 Years ago I remember my mother placing the red and white Block Parent sign in the window of our house in Thornhill. We lived across the street from what was our elementary school, and there we tons of these signs all across the town.

The Block Parent® window sign is shown only when someone over the age of 18 is available to answer the door. If the sign is not displayed, this does not mean that no one is home, only that the Block Parent® is not available to offer immediate assistance.

In addition to the primary goal of making communities safer for children, the Block Parent®Program deters criminals and trouble makers. The network of Block Parent® homes is a visible reminder that citizens are watchful in their neighbourhood. What does a Block Parent® do? A Block Parent® may be called upon to offer their home as a place of safety when someone is in a dangerous or frightening situation such as:

  • bullied

  • lost, hurt or ill

  • caught in severe weather

  • frightened by a stranger

A Block Parent® assists persons in distress by telephoning the appropriate emergency service (police, fire, ambulance, etc.) when necessary.

This Program is a simple, visual and important way to that has proven effective for over 40 years. I believe a program like this is essential to building a safe and trusting community.

What are your thoughts? share them with me.-

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