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Speed Mitigation in Summerlyn, Blue Dasher and in Ward 4. Fighting for Change.

Before I was even aware of the election in 2022 I was an activist in the community working with the Town of BWG, Simcoe Police and lobbying the Council for action on the problems of speeding on our streets. After years of following the procedures - I decided to take additional action and I launched a petition to see what are the sentiments of the residents truly were. What was shocking is over 91% of all residents absolutely wanted speed bumps on Blue Dasher Blvd. I had over 350 households that also signed the petition to place speed bumps on roads like Blue Dasher, Summerlyn Trail and Langford.

After all the work present to council, I successfully put the agenda forward to place speed mitigation tools in place. However the slow moving process, data blinded decision making and political process was just too much that was obvious and demanded from the community.

Following this presentation the council did approve some of my suggestions / requests... however there were critical points that were overlooked and not addressed. The community reached out to me, calling me the ambassador of Summerlyn and rallied to get me to effect change. This was the first step in what made me consider even running for council. I'm used to using data AND GRASS ROOTS INSIGHT to formulate business decisions that are effective and timely.

Watch the video and tell me your thoughts.

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