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The Last & Must Read Blog of the 2022 Campaign!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Hi Neighbours, This will be my last blog post until the final Election Day and I'll be covering the top considerations you'll need to know before the election. I have been respecting homeowners with signs, running on my values and skills and not on negativity and desperation. I have been running with good intentions and to ensure together we can LOVE WHERE WE LIVE™.

Vote for these qualities:

1. LEADERSHIP with GOALS that are aligned with YOU!

Leaders don't just show up in your community now that there is an election. Natural leaders don't work on negatives - they find positives and make things happen. My entire professional life of over 21 years have been working with some incredible leaders and mentors across North America and overseas. From a very young age I was taught to be a selfless leader from my parents and other members of my family. This gift was the the best foundation to build upon my journey of leadership, compassion and humility. I'm a team player that elevates the team with ideas and skills. Make no mistake - I'm also a passionate driver. I drive goals, ideas and what's right. I work well with everyone, but I will not be silenced to fight for what's right. A leader knows when to go against the grain and to articulate and intelligently effect meaningful change.

As you can see from the first Image in this blog. I'm running to be your leader, not for a position of authority - but of equality. To be OUR voice in OUR community.

2. CHANGE is what you want. But is CHANGE what you'll get?

Almost every door I knock on is saying they want change. I have learned so much in my life from my elders and senior leaders - but as time passes, we need NEW IDEAS, MODERN SOLUTIONS, and MORE PASSION to effect modern change. We have no shortage advisors and knowledgable community members to ensure Council is successful. Whether it's within our council or across the country - we have to have the right leaders in place to effect positive change management. I'm not drinking / social buddies with council members. I'm not looking to be part of an exclusive club and I don't have long generational ties to Bradford. I also have no personal agenda or funding from any organization or persons whom have invested interest in my seat at the council table. I'm like many people in WARD 4 who have moved to Bradford within the last 15 years and want to help make it the best place to live and raise families.

I really like the town of Bradford for what it now, and LOVE the idea of what it can be.

I will work with anyone towards the greater good (as long as it's right for the people in my ward and for the town). I live here and I'm dialled into the community. I work with all levels of people all over the world. From many different cultures and I have even presented several times to the current council and city staff, as well as many members running and advising for council, in most cases before I even was aware or considering running for this election.

I'm confident that post election with some new blood is a good thing to ensure Bradford is a place we can LOVE WHERE WE LIVE™.


There is a huge difference in VALUE vs PRICE. I have build my career in driving more VALUE. Why this matters to you is Price has a cost affixed to it. Like taxes, it is always used as a tool and everyone is always trying to increase it to squeeze out more revenue. This is where VALUE comes into play.

Where I specialize in is creating more out of less. Everything I talk about on my campaign has the ability to be added to our town - but it requires a plan and knowledge on how to optimize on our value and rely less on "Price / Tax" dollars and more on packing value incentives to development, business and higher level of governments.


I choose to run after experiencing the frustrations as a community members trying to make a difference. Years of slow moving, lack of decisions, costly consultants and frankly I felt that the community was not being taken seriously on some issues. I'm here to help change that. I can't promise everything... But I can promise Accessibility, common sense leadership and some of the best STRATEGY and PLANNING to make this ward and town better.

As always - Reach out to me... Heck, even if I'm not elected - you can count on me being VERY active within our community (but I can be much more effective at the council table).

5. HOPE is not a STRATEGY! Why Council needs a 8-10 year plan.

Remember Ward 4 and Bradford. I was the first to detail my platform online and provide solutions and sub-vertical hit lists... and I'm proud to see so many councillors copying, adding and updating their platform and marketing to catch up to mine as the campaign is nearing a close. That means I had great content and understand the needs and pushed everyone to elevate themselves. Everything in my platform has a vision and ideas on how to pay for it... without going to the tax payers over-and-over like in the past. We pay WAY TO MUCH TAX for minimal services. IMO Council must develop (with our skilled town staff) an operational 8-10 year strategy with goals to hit quarterly and annually milestones, ensure budgets are hit and don't bloat to 20-200% of the approved numbers, and to make sure we can attract the right GROWTH and not just growth for the sake of it.


Thank you everyone in WARD 4 & Please vote!!!! I would appreciate your vote and remember... Homeowners are not easily fooled by any election games playing out there. Research me and contact me to ask me anything - I'm fully transparent and I'm always accessible.

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