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The Right Businesses and Manufacturing; Where We Live™

After speaking to many residents and sharing our concerns with the proximity of Manufacturing facilities close to residential areas. I understand the concerns of residents and the need to drive business and jobs in the area.

The temporary cement plant on 10th line is way past its temporary status and its cancer causing dust it blows around the neighbouring community must be addressed. I personally love concrete - I feel like its in my families blood, but the manufacturing plants have no business being so close to where people live.

Another concern the residents have is the factories and off gassing of chemicals close to one of the largest residential neighbourhoods in Bradford's Summerlyn and Dreamfields subdivisions. I will be looking into the environmental assessments to ensure its clean and safe and ensure any new commercial and industrial is pushed closer to the dedicated areas or new developments off the 400 highway - away from WHERE WE LIVE™.

I believe that the sentiment from all of us here in Ward 4 is - We want the RIGHT growth, the RIGHT development. the RIGHT locations and certainly the RIGHT planning of business in Bradford.

I have fantastic abilities and thoughts on this and would love to hear more of yours.

Give me a shout or message.

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