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Watch: What you need to know before you vote!

Ward 4 Residents - remember to choose your representation based on abilities and personality. We have to work together to achieve a better Ward 4 and Bradford and it requires Strategy and Road Maps to success. No more broken promises, stalling decisions and excessive use of consultants to avoid making the right decisions.

Watch my video summary (shot in my home stdio) of why Ward 4 will benefit from a leader who is strategic and understands result orientated planning - to ensure we LOVE WHERE WE LIVE.


0:00 - 1:00

Hope is not a Strategy, and why Strategy matters.

1:00 - 8:10

Safety, Playing, Working, Spending, Community & Growth where we live platform overview.


Recession, Inflation and what can we do if the right people are elected.


Want answers or have questions?

Swing by the following dates to ask any questions or address any misinformation you may have. I'm a fully transparent, well documented and knowledgable person that will be happy to chat with anyone who has concerns and questions on how we can LOVE WHERE WE LIVE.

Drive by, Walk or Ride over to: 197 Blue Dasher Blvd

Tuesday Oct 11

Wednesday Oct 12

Friday Oct 14

Saturday Oct 15

Sunday Oct 16

Monday Oct 17

Tuesday Oct 18

Wednesday Oct 19

Thursday Oct 20

Friday Oct 21

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